Property Management

Hay Al Rahbah Trading & Contracting Co. LLC provides comprehensive Property Management Services to our clients with unmatched performance, professionalism and timeliness. Our expertise and experience deliver the most cost effective solution. We run our Property Management activities with high performance, efficiency, stability and accountability.

Our continued focus and commitment is to ensure happy owners and satisfied tenants. Our all-encompassing services address all property concerns including valuations, planning, design, rent collection and review. We offer custom-based and personalized services for each property and each client so that the owner enjoys the benefit of their investment and the tenant enjoys quality service and a professionally managed property. In the last two decades, we have developed and maintained over a thousand apartments, villas and town houses.

Our comprehensive services include

  • Leasing

    One of Hay Al Rahbah's main business lines is dedicated to the leasing of units it manages.
    Our leasing department:

    • Keeps an accurate record of number and availability of units.
    • Accompanies all viewing with potential tenants.
    • Maintain contact with potential tenants for follow up purposes.
    • Prepares client profiles in order to determine if they are suitable for the requested unit.
    • Collect all payments, prepares and arranges for client to sign all tenancy contracts and other leasing documentation required by the laws in Oman.
    • Prepares a status report of the unit before it's occupied in order to ensure that no outstanding cleaning or maintenance is required.
    • Hands over all payments, documentation etc. to Property Management (PM) division who ensures that the handover and follow-up with the clients is of high standard.
    • The PM division later manages all contract renewals and contract terminations
  • Management and resolution of complaints

    In order to manage your property, an experienced Property Manager is assigned. The Property Manager operates under the normal hours of operation from HAR management office. The Property Manager assigned; will possess excellent customer relations and administrative skills, who report directly to the company head.

    The PM department will handle all complaints being submitted by the tenants; such complaints may be maintenance related to or regarding incidents within the property. All complaints, requests and incidents are followed up and resolved quickly to maintain good tenant relationship & a comfortable / hassle-free stay for the occupants.

  • Marketing

    We have an extensive marketing network, where we advertise our vacant units. This includes our website other web listings, daily print advertising, on-site advertising and a network of professional leasing agents.

  • Takeover and inspection of vacant units

    The PM department will arrange a formal takeover of the unit from the outgoing tenant & make sure the tenant has settled all dues including the utility services. The PM department will also arrange a joint inspection of the property with the Maintenance department & the tenant to ascertain the normal wear & tear / damage to the property if any. The PM will ensure, any damages found which is beyond the normal wear & tear, the tenant rectifies it prior to setting their account.

  • Rent collection and banking services

    The Property Manager will maintain a register of the commencement and expiry details of all leases on our computerized management system. All lease renewals will be handled and completed by the PM department.

    The PM department will also deal with the collection of all rental cheques and deposit them to the Property Owner's account. If a cheque is returned, the matter will be promptly followed up with the tenant and authorities where necessary.

  • Financial and management reports

    We provide a full set of accounts summarizing all financial transaction on a property including all receipts and payments. We will submit expense reports and revenue reports along with continual monitoring.

    The reports also include vacancy status and FM related information related to the building's general maintenance as well as unit specific ones.

  • Energy conservation

    We will advise the Property Owner on energy conservation systems for the property, and oversee the implementation of technologies to limit wasted energy.

  • Property insurance

    We will obtain professional advice from related insurance brokers, ensuring a full understanding of the contractual aspects of the insurance proposal and enabling us to obtain the best rates in the market for the most comprehensive contracts. Additionally the PM team assigned will be trained to follow protocol should an insurance situation occur to protect the Property Owner's contractual rights.

  • Legal advisory for rent disputes

    Throughout the years we have built good relations with government bodies and we liaise with them on regular basis including; Muscat Municipality, Civil Defence, R.O.P, Omantel, OIFC and PAEW.

    We deal with all matters regarding the operations of the Property to ensure you are fully protected as a Property Owner.

    We log any legal issue with necessary authorities and provide the required documents should any matter not be settled within a reasonable timeframe. When they are not resolved in time, we coordinate with the legal team assigned to the case and follow up till the case is closed.
    (The legal charges / fee pertaining to the filing & execution along with any other incidental expenses incurred for the case would be borne by the landlord /owner.)